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Chat Channel

The IRC #cavalo channel, a chat channel (or chat room from the cavalonet site) that tries to get all horse fans together in a “room” were debates take place on horse themes of the day. On this channel we can talk about all sorts of things, from recent fairs or events to come, ideas of new events to take place, results of various events, information about the different sports, etc.

This channel was funded by the nick "FilipeGraciosa" on the 11th of November, 1998, who is still today the founder off the channel#cavalo, his objectives are to increase the communication between the fans of horses from the different areas or simply horse lovers, in a way to promote interesting, dynamic and up-to-date conversations on all different aspects of the horse world.
Here all the lovers of the lusos can talk in real time and tell the world about the Portuguese way of riding and about are famous Lusitano.

To get access to this channel through any mIRC script on one of the next networks: or , use the command
/join #cavalo
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